About Us


Did you know that:

Millions of Gift Cards are sold every year.
Up to 10% are “never” used.
Some are lost forever, but others just collect dust.
Now you can give your gift cards new purpose – donate them to charity!


Our founder conceived the idea of donating unwanted gift cards to charities back in 2004, while walking the streets of inner-city Columbus, Ohio trying to figure out how to turn things around for the residents in those depressed neighborhoods.

We created GiftCardBuyBack.com and GiftCardsAgain.com in 2005 to learn how to manage and resell gift cards before starting the donation site, since these types of companies did not exist back then. Our websites took off and were featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Glamour Magazine, and many other publications. We thought we were on our way to making a difference!

Then, we discovered the IRS would not allow our business to become a non-profit so we tried to help charities as a Professional Fundraiser. We launched GiftCardDonor.com in late 2007 with a couple local charities. We added several more in 10 test states and finally went national in December 2008 with Operation Smile and added the March of Dimes in early 2009.

Unfortunately, the Great Recession struck and we could not gain traction. Due to overwhelming state requirements (i.e. paperwork) and fees, we closed GiftCardDonor.com in 2010. Our founder closed the related buying and selling gift cards websites because his heart was not in it, plus heavily funded competition was making it hard to survive in that arena.

We are now slowly turning GiftCardDonor.org into that charity we always intended, so we can all help our favorite charities in a new way – by donating gift cards!

So, just drop your gift cards, and a note with your favorite charity’s name, in the mail to:

PO BOX 1475

And we will take care of the rest.

Your gift cards will be sold and 100% of the proceeds go to the charity in your name (unless you donate anonymously).

As always,